Monday, March 14, 2011

Purest vs Digital Art

I have been inspired to write this post today because of a debate I had with a good friend about the direction photography has taken since the digital revolution. And for anyone who loves taking photos - whether for work or pleasure - I'd love to hear your opinions!

I am curious to know the general consensus on the below statements:

1/ A 'Photographer' is defined as someone who takes pure photos, straight from the camera, with zero enhancements (other than color correction and exposure adjustments).

2/ A 'Digital Artist' is defined as someone who takes photos but digitally enhances them using computer software, therefore relinquishing their right to call themselves a Photographer.

My 2-cents? Well, I'm someone who loves to digitally enhance my photos and give my images that little extra kick, for emotional impact :) While my friend is a purest who takes beautiful photos that speak for themselves, without any added effects. But no matter what, the way I see it is the process begins with a photo being taken. So, my opinion? We are both photographers! Each style has merit, just with a different approach to the craft of photography.

But that's just my opinion. Anyone agree? Disagree? Couldn't care?!

Urban Graffiti

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