About Me

I'm just a girl from Down Under now living in the States, pursuing the Arts, and tryin' to live my dreams... :)

My name is Ruth and I started this blog as a way to share my dreams and aspirations of becoming a self sufficient artist, and to acknowledge all those other talented artists out there struggling to be seen. For my new year's resolution I decided to open up a little shop on Etsy so I could begin sharing my photos with the world! I figured I gotta start somewhere... 

I've always had a love for photography, I love the immediacy of it - one click and the image is captured! However, with a background in fine art, I can't just leave a photo as is and move on to the next. I tend to be very time intensive with my post production process, and can play in Photoshop for hours trying to find that perfect artistic combination of textures, edge effects, etc. to enhance and beautify all of my photos.

Most recently I've fallen in love with the whole vintage look as I find it just gives more emotion and depth to an image. I love it when a photo can tell a story, take the viewer down memory lane, and let them journey into another world for a moment or two. For me, that's what artistic imagery is all about, and is what inspires me to take photos!