Saturday, February 5, 2011

New Beginnings...

As a creative type, with a background in fine art, I have begun this blog to indulge my passion for photography... and share my vision with as many people that are willing to look!

I recently opened up shop on Etsy and have already been given lots of love from many Etsians, with quite a few of my photos being 'favorited', and other photos making it into an array of gorgeous treasuries. 

So I figure that this first blog post should be devoted to displaying these treasuries, as my way of saying "thank you"! 

Enjoy :)

'spring is coming...!' by LovelyNestDesigns - Featuring 'Tiny Tots' - 02/05/11
'Water and' by IrishNanaDesigns - Featuring 'Fall Memoirs' - 02/04/11
'Olives!' by oliviasgarden - Featuring 'Greener Pastures' - 02/02/11
'It's a blizzard out there...' by ashleylisadesigns - Featuring 'Winter's Painting' - 02/01/11
'Haunted' by JewishGirlDesigns - Featuring 'Paradise' - 02/01/11
'...Dans Les Nuages' by Lin222 - Featuring 'Paradise' - 01/28/11
'Warm Sensual Weekend' by prettywoman101 - Featuring 'In Your Footsteps' - 01/16/11
'Hot Ginger' by prettywoman101 - Featuring 'Red Light District' - 01/18/11
'Lets meet for Coffee, and then will see' by prettywoman101 - Featuring 'Red Light District' - 01/19/11
'On a dark dark night...' by Reidiblossom - Featuring 'Paradise' - 01/20/11
'Gray Monday' by UpstairsAttic - Featuring 'Winter's Painting' - 01/17/11
'Snowstorm' by RustedDesigns - Featuring 'Winter's Painting' - 01/14/11


Ashley said...

Awesome...your photography is beautiful. Thank you for blogging about the treasury I included your work in.
Happy Blogging.

Amanda said...

I got your convo about posting one of my treasuries on here. I saw it on your Treasuries page. What a great idea! Love your photos!

- Amanda J from

p.s. I've also got a blog featured on my site:

Ruth said...

I love sharing the talent of other artists as well as my own. It makes me feel like a part of a community :)

By the way Amanda, I just became your very first 'follower' on your Blog! Wishing you much success xo