Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Winners of my GIVEAWAY!!!

Drum roll please... 

1st Prize: entry #55... Rosemarie Ernst
2nd Prize: entry #31... Jeannette Fender - her Blog
3rd Prize: entry #23... Dawn Hitchcock - her Etsy Shop

The official number picking can be viewed on my my Facebook Page, if anyone would like to take a peek! 

I'd also like to say a big thank you to my lovely host over at the Ruby Clover Art & Photography Blog. She did an amazing job this past week and I couldn't be happier! You can also visit her on Facebook or at either of her two Etsy Shops: rubyclover and Bohemienne.

Thank you to everyone who entered my big Birthday Bash Giveaway!!! Wish I could've given out prizes to all of you!

Don't forget to sign up for my Blog - I will be announcing more giveaways soon! And for all sorts of other goodies, why don't you just come join me on Facebook!!

First Prize - Rosemarie's 11x14 print choice...

Romancing the Soul

2nd Prize - Jeannette's 5x7 print choice...


3rd Prize - Dawn's special treat - I switched this for one of the cards she won, since this was her favorite image from my shop...

Faded Childhood (5x5 card)


Ann from On Sutton Place said...

Hi Ruth...Barbara and I are excited that you won. If you send me your address we will get the print and frame in the mail to you asap. Congratulations and I'll wait to hear from you! ~Ann

Ruth said...

Hi Ann... you commented at 4:16pm and only just now (7:26pm) did I receive notice of it! Anyway, I did get you're other email, and responded earlier :)

How bizarre to win Barbara's print giveaway, just as I'm giving away my own prints!!! Funny how things work.


will always be loyal and fanatical over that false childhood print. think i've proved it in my idiot dreaming treasury. it sucks that etsy admins didn't appreciate art hard enough. dang, i missed the front page chance again!



Ruth said...

hey @whatelseisthere - I appreciate your fanaticism over my faded childhood print! And I agree it sucks that your treasury didn't make the front page!! But keep on dreaming and doing what you do. You're obviously very talented (the clothing you make is amazing!) so don't give up the fight! hear hear to artistic dreams :)

Barbara Rosenzweig said...

Thanks so much, Ruth, for your congrats! When I went to your blog, I realized that I hadn't posted my last 2 paintings on our VAST blog. (Fixed that!)

Thanks so much for your vote. There's a whole week ahead, so if you enjoy my painting, please share the link so that others can pick their favorites.

Have a great rest of the weekend!